Promoting clean, affordable, innovative, and equitable solutions to the energy, agriculture, transport, water and environment sectors.


MP Ensystems Advisory Private Ltd. is a research-driven private consulting firm set up in 2012 actively supporting equitable energy and resource efficiency measures. The firm’s expertise is primarily in electricity regulations, business model development, climate finance and socio-technical modelling and innovations in power and energy, livelihood development and water sector. The firm provides timely and efficient solutions to local, national, and international programs. We develop policy documents, knowledge pieces, research notes and scientific publications in the domains of regulatory, energy management, clean energy, and climate finance.

We also support knowledge exchange exercises through online training and dissemination approaches. We work with partners and thought leaders to convene discussions and develop solution-based approaches to address critical challenges across these sectors. We work with private sector clients, multilateral financial institutions, philanthropies, academia, policy making institutions, development institutions and civil society organisations to create thought leadership towards a low-carbon and equitable future.


At MP Ensystems we provide services ranging from policy formation, program designs, evaluation, firm-level energy management systems, evaluation of green finance options to make your organization resource efficient.

The broad range of our services fit within four business verticals encompassing the regulatory, energy management, clean energy, knowledge and climate finance.

Policy and Regulatory

Energy Management

Training and Information

Climate Finance

Green recovery in rural enterprises - Horticulture value-chains

This is part 1 of the series on green recovery in horticulture and fishery value-chains in coastal India. This is an initiative started by MP Ensystems in collaboration with the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation and local partner Devgad Alphonso Mango and Multifruit Association.

Just Energy Transition in the Electricity Sector in India

Watch our panel of eminent speakers for a discussion on the justness of energy transitions from regional, national and global perspectives with focus on the role of regulators.

How behind-the-meter efforts can help India achieve decarbonization goals

A suite of smart solutions is needed to bring the power sector planners to think about what happens behind the meter with consumers being a part of the solution.

Markets offer a way around the messy problem of natural resource management

As the squeeze on natural resources continues to grow in coming years and decades, resource management will hinge on the ability to balance demand and supply while adhering to environmentally-conscious targets.

Electricity Markets with Dr Mahesh Patankar - Understanding the Future: Podcast

We explore the topic of electricity markets in India, its transmission infrastructure as well as how they function.

Webinar: Enhancing Consumer Experience in the Indian Electricity Sector

Consumer experience will play a vital role in this structural transformation. Watch the panel of esteemed guests discuss how consumer experience can be improved given the rapid transformation affecting the electricity sector.

Earthaware Blog

A repository of writings towards a better planet


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Clientele and Partners


On-going Projects
Completed Projects

COMREC (Communities to Markets Resource Efficient Corridors)
Rural, tribal and coastal communities have been severely affected by a combination of Covid-19-induced lockdowns and climate-induced disasters, specifically in the horticulture and fishery value chains. This project explores the current rural value chain and identifies ways to ‘green’ it using government recovery packages as well as other sources of finance. We are working in the southern Konkan region of Maharashtra to understand the baseline energy and water consumption and identify scale-up opportunities to support an environmentally sound recovery, strengthen livelihoods, increase social welfare and contribute to achieving sustainable development. This project also feeds into explorations in other coastal states, hilly regions and plains of Ganges.

Decarbonisation and Electrification of Transport Sector
In the transportation space, we are currently working in two states to support the penetration of EVs by evaluating policies supporting EV Charging Infrastructure (CI) and modelling the optimum siting of public EVCI. Under this project, tasks include a rapid assessment of past EVCI policies at the state and national level, proposing inputs for a state-level EVCI policy and developing a model using geographical information systems (GIS) data to capture siting requirements and investment plans. The assessment will consider key factors: consumer convenience, sustainability, grid impact and revenue generation.
Grid Interactive Built Environment
MP Ensystems has worked towards real-time monitoring of built commercial and industrial spaces since 2014. We developed an intuitive platform - Tool for Real-time Infrastructure Management (TRIM) - that compares real-time energy use comparing it with the modelled energy consumption during the pre-construction phase. At this stage, we are working with project partners in the US and Australia to explore grid-interactive affordable housing in Indian cities to use active demand response and efficient services to provide bidirectional flow of electrons from building integrated photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, thermal energy storage and battery energy storage systems for electric vehicles.

PEAK (Portal for Environmental Analytics and Knowledge)
The Portal for Environmental Analytics and Knowledge (PEAK) is an initiative of MP Ensystems Advisory Private Limited. PEAK has curated a certification program to give students and early stage professionals an insight into the world of sustainability and relevant environmental issues that they may not have had exposure to in their regular courses. Students will have access to experts who have decades-long experience in sectors such as sustainable energy, urban mobility, public transport, agriculture etc. The course gives students access to information, reports, presentations and videos, provides them with a platform to interact with experts and other students, test them on their knowledge and provide internships to selected students. Initial training sessions conducted in 2020 attracted over 1000 registrations. Please write in to us at [email protected] to know more.

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Project Name : Techno-economic study on impact of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the grid
Name of Client : Forum of Regulators
Project Details : In assistance to the Forum of Regulators, this project aimed to understand and evaluate options in electricity tariff reduction. The project was commissioned to identify the economic and technical impact of electric vehicle load on the grid and to evaluate business models for public charging infrastructure.

Project Name : Techno-economic study on impact of Carrying out Study on Feasibility of using Electric Vehicles/ Buses in Bandra Kurla complex
Name of Client : Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)
Project Details : This project carried out a pre-feasibility study including traffic management study to identify the traffic movement pattern leading to the determination of the number of buses required in the BKC area.
Project Name : MNRE under the UNDP GEF Market Development and Promotion of Solar Concentrator Based Process Heat Applications in India
Name of Client : The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
Project Details : The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) implemented a UNDP-GEF supported project on ‘Market Development and Promotion of Solar Concentrator based process heat applications in India’. The objective of the project was to promote and commercialize Concentrating Solar Technologies for industrial process heat applications in India. MP Ensystems was engaged by MNRE to evaluate the potential for CST in the Northern and Western state of India in the textile, paper, laundry, pharmaceutical, dairy, auto and metal treatment, food and processing and chemical industry.

Project Name : Creating Market Enablers to launch a large 1000 MW Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Program operationalized in 3 Indian States (Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat) under the Prosperity Fund India Programme 2013-14
Name of Client : British High Commission (BHC)
Project Details : In collaboration with the British High Commission Prosperity Fund India Programme, MP Ensystems implemented this project to evolve new implementation arrangements to scale up the level of Demand Side Management (DSM) implementation in India, by focussing on the Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC systems play a key role in the energy consumption of built environments and account for nearly 60 per cent of the annual electricity bills, especially in the urban centres. HVAC is also of key importance since it dominates peak loads in the electricity system. Improving HVAC efficiency can thus reduce system peak and correspondingly the on-peak costly power purchase. The program being implemented by MP Ensystems focused on driving country-wide HVAC efficiency improvement through innovative models involving implementation of DSM programs by Outsourced Entities (OEs) appointed by the electricity distribution companies, supported through existing and proposed policy levers.
Project Name : Evaluation of Bulk power procurement and remote RE integration for SBUT within current electricity regulatory framework
Name of Client : Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (SBUT)
Project Details : Commissioned by Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust, the project evaluated possible options to reduce consumer electricity tariffs. Developed a comparative table to show possible savings to the consumers in different categories when Open Access is sought and power is imported from outside the license area.

Project Name : Reforming Urban Transport Regulatory Environment in India
Name of Client : Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF)
Project Details : The project aimed at exploring the reforms of the existing regulatory frameworks and governance structures for urban transport in India. It assesses the existing governance structures in three Indian cities and reviews best practices followed in cities across the world. It also draws from other infrastructure sectors in India such as electricity, telecom and ports to provide potential policy reforms and institutional set-up for a candidate city in India.
Project Name : Promoting Energy Efficient and Clean Cold Chain in India
Name of Client : Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF)
Project Details : The project was to understand the current energy footprint and projections of energy footprint based on the expected infrastructure gaps field ,deep understanding of state-of-the-art technology implementation in 5 sectors in the 2 states – Haryana and Punjab. A formal technology assessment leading to an understanding of the Best Available and Appropriate Technologies and the outlining of implementation opportunities and financing aspects. The report proposes models for new ‘clean cold-chains’ that will transport food produced from farm gate to end consumers sustainably and relay demand from consumers to farm gate efficiently, with minimal environmental impact.

Project Name : Developing a strategy for design and effective implementation of Standard Offer Program
Name of Client : Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF)
Project Details : The project was implemented with an aim to scale up Demand Side Management (DSM) measures in India. The objective of the project was to identify technologies and provide the platform for utilities to implement Standard Offer Program (SOP). It involved creating an SOP framework and manual providing guidelines for the utilities for implementation of SOP. This was followed by an SOP roadmap which included plans to scale up SOP by identifying barriers and taking measures to tackle them. It is a comprehensive “how to guide” providing information on the steps required to design, approve, implement and verify the programme. Based on insightful stakeholder contributions, the handbook is a useful knowledge resource for distribution utilities, electricity regulatory commissions and DSM practitioners

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Mahesh Patankar

Founder and Managing Director

Mahesh has over 29 years of experience in energy and environmental projects spanning energy, water, transport, rural development, technology and business innovations sectors. He is the Founder and Managing Director at MP Ensystems Advisory Pvt Ltd. He is an international energy policy expert with direct experience with The World Bank, USAID, USDoE, ADB, etc. He has worked in 25+ emerging and developed economies. Mahesh holds a PhD from IIT Bombay, Masters in Financial Management from Mumbai University and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Shivaji University.

Ira Athale Prem

Project Director

Ira Athale Prem has over 16 years of experience in research in economics, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Her expertise includes project management, macroeconomic research and climate financing. Ira leads the key projects in her capacity as a Project Director. Ira has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Fergusson College, Pune, a Master’s degree in Economics (Gold Medallist) from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, and a Master’s in Public Administration and Policy from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Arvind MT

Senior Project Advisor

Arvind MT is a Senior Project Advisor with MP Ensystems Advisory Pvt. Ltd. Arvind is a co-founder of Amplebit Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Amplebit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has over 25 years of experience in electrical, electronics, telecom and energy domains as well as lean startup and entrepreneurship. He has a PhD in stochastic learning, ME in Electrical Engineering - both from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and BE in Electronics & Communication from Mysore University.

Anoop Kulkarni

Senior Project Advisor

Anoop is a Senior Project Advisor with MP Ensystems Advisory Pvt Ltd. Anoop has over 25 years of experience in varied domains - from telecom to energy. He co-founded Amplebit Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company focused on energy efficiency solutions for the commercial sector. The company also focuses on monitoring and management of other green resources such as air and water. His consulting firm, Innotomy Consulting, focuses on data science consulting and use of AI and machine learning in healthcare. He has a PhD in computer vision from IIT Bombay and M.Tech. and B.E. in Electronics and Communication.

Meghana Rao Pahlajani

Project Director

Meghana has over 12 years of experience across sustainability, power generation, clean energy, water, and manufacturing sectors. She has worked in a variety of roles including engineering, project management, policy advisory, strategy, research and product development. She consults in the development sector and has worked with Mahindra Group, Ingersoll Rand and Dynegy Generation in the past. She has an MBA in Operations and Strategy (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad), an MSc in Electrical Engineering (Missouri University of Science and Technology) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (VTU, India).

Amit Oke

Senior Project Advisor

Amit Oke is a senior finance professional, with two decades of experience in Project and Corporate Finance with focus on Infrastructure and Large Corporates. He has successfully built teams and handled challenging situations in various roles, including as Investor Nominee Director, in this period. In his various roles he has originated business, monitored portfolio, managed stressed asset and fund investments portfolio with successful exit and acquisition. Amit is a recipient of UNEP Scholarship to study sustainable energy finance at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. He was also recognised as one amongst 50 young leaders in India by the British High Commission, India.

Meenal Sutaria

Senior Project Advisor

Meenal has over 22 years of experience in research, designing and executing commercial, industrial and residential projects. Meenal is the Program Director at Interior Design, School Of Design And Innovation in curricular collaboration with The New School Parsons, New York. Meenal is the Founder and Managing Director at Green Angle, a firm providing Integrated Green building design solutions for the last 14 years. Her expertise includes thermal and visual comfort studies for optimized architectural design. Meenal acts as a Senior Project Advisor at MP Ensystems Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Arijit Maitra

Senior Counsel

Arijit is a lawyer by training with extensive experience on legal, regulatory, policy and contractual issues in power and other infrastructure sectors. Arijit has advised Regulators viz. CERC, MERC, GERC, Forum of Regulators, Forum of Independent Regulators, and the Ministry of Power. For over 26 years, his focussed domain and specialist areas of legal practice has been corporate transactions, policy making, reforms in power and other infrastructure sectors such as ports, water, road and inland water transportation etc., regulatory interventions, legislative drafting, drafting and structuring of project documents/contracts viz.

Prajkta Adhikari

Project Coordinator

Prajkta Adhikari, is an Environmental Architect, with 8 years of experience in the field of teaching and research. Prajkta leads rural development, spatial planning and GIS-based attributes in her capacity as a Project Coordinator. She has been involved in research projects on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Eco-tourism guidelines for the district of Sindhudurg and Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) implementation framework with the State Govt. of Maharashtra. She was a Smart City Fellow under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Smart Cities Mission in 2019 and worked with Pune Smart City for developing Real-Time Traffic Monitoring Tool for Effective and Efficient Decision Making to curb traffic congestion.

Priyanka Shendage

Project Coordinator

Priyanka Shendage is a Project Coordinator with over 2.5 years of experience in the areas of renewable energy, agriculture, and sustainability. Her main areas of interest include renewable energy, rural transformation, and livelihood development . Priyanka holds a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Fergusson College, Pune.

Asmita Ekawade

GIS Expert

Asmita is a GIS Professional with 3.5 years of experience in GIS and Remote sensing data. She has a solid foundation over ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and QGIS. Her key knowledge and expertise areas include urban planning, GIS pre-processing, data mapping, image processing, quality assessment and navigation system.Asmita has a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Goa University, Master’s degree in Geography from Mumbai University and MTech in Geoinformatics from Bharathidasan University, Tamil Nadu.

Smitha Lobo

Manager- Administration and Accounts

Smitha has over 15 years of experience in accounting and operations. Smitha manages all accounting, auditing, compliance and administrative functions in her capacity as a Manager- Administration and Accounts. Before joining MP Ensystems she worked in accounting with Indian brokerages and in operations for an international financial services firm. She holds a Master's and a Bachelors' Degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai and a Master's in Management Studies with a specialization in Finance.

Santosh Tambat

Office Assistant

Santosh has over 15 years of experience in administration and office management. He has been the Office Assistant and has worked extensively in event management, printing and supporting the production of reports. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University.